Logo Design

Logo​ Design

Logo Design


Managing briefing process is the key to exceptional creative results. Information about business is crucial: product, target audience, industry, brand values, slogan if needed.

Discovery Call

Next step is to schedule a call to talk through the information you shared and ensure we have a good understanding of what you are aiming.

Some clients have specific ideas and directions they want us to work with, while others give an open slate and ask us to lead the direction.


Your logo is much more than a combination of fonts, colors and design. Our job is to creatively differentiate you from others and make you stand out.


Coming up with fresh, new ideas is a great challenge. We do it by breaking our team out of their traditional mindset. Before committing to a creative direction, we sketch multiple design concepts and we test all of them.


Generally 3 design concepts are tested by a team of 5-7 marketers, designers and content specialist and asked for their feedback in order to fine-tune the works into the very best options for the client.


The client is presented 3 logo concepts integrated in their future ecosystem, discussed through each of them so to be clearly understood the design, the choosing of the elements and the inspiration behind the work.


Based on the client’s feedback we are doing the final editing of the logo. Once in a while we nail it from the very beginning. But in general clients like what they see and they feel like adding a personal touch to their logo, so they enhance the chosen one with elements from another logo we design for them (color, font, etc).


Once the clients have selected the final version of the logo, we are preparing the deliverables based on the logo package they have chosen.


Branding Elements

Logo Design (visual identity)
Slogan & Jingles
Complex Elements Of Visual Identity (symbols)
Brand Story
Company Presentation
Visual Identity Guide
Visual Identity Manual
Brand Manual

Printed Promotional Materials

​Key Visual Design
Flyer Design
Brochure Design
Company Presentation Design
Business Card
Car Branding
Expo stand branding
Other various promotional materials

Online Branding

Various Formats And Interactivity
Real-time Configuration Based On User Inputs
Online Banner Design
Social Media Imagery Design
Sharing Facilities Via Social Media
Newsletter Template Design